The Dunsborough Veterinary Hospital as an essential service provider has remained open at all times throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are taking significant and important steps to minimise community transmission to keep all of us safe. This is very strange for all of us as we have always prided ourselves on being a friendly, warm and social veterinary practice and sometimes COVID safe practices can seem a bit cold or impersonal.


In order to remain open we must remain well and ensure that all staff working are COVID free and so have adapted the way we operate at various times to ensure we are able to continue to care and provide veterinary services to our patients.  Please remain understanding that things may take longer than we would like them to and we may ask you to engage us in different ways than you are used to.


If you have COVID-19 or are in self-isolation or awaiting a COVID test result then please make this very clear to our staff on the phone.  We will still be able to help you and your pet but will do so in ways that keep us safe and unlikely to contract COVID-19.



As of Friday 7th January 2022


- please use our online portal to order food or repeat prescriptions.  We offer a $5 discount for you to do so. Please do not walk into the reception area to order items, either use our website or ring ahead and we will let you know when they are ready to collect.


- we are enforcing a 1-person per pet policy to minimize the number of people in our reception and consulting areas and therefore increasing your safety.


- we are still conducting puppy classes on weekends as we feel that providing controlled early socialization is a very important part of a healthy pups social development.  However due to the risk factors around conducting these (long classes, mainly inside, over 5 weeks) we are accepting only dog owners who are double vaccinated.  Proof of vaccination status(or an approved medical exemption) will need to be provided prior to the class commencing.  In the case of widespread community transmission then we will also require that masks be worn at all times during the classes.  As was the case in 2020, public health orders may result in these classes needing to be cancelled and if so then we are able to offer a refund for any classes that cannot be held.


- we are no longer able to offer routine grooming or dog bathing services due to operational difficulties arising from COVID-19.  We remain committed long term to re-instating these services when it becomes feasible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. If we all care for each other and work together we can stay well, healthy during this pandemic.


To make an appointment PLEASE CALL 9755 3931 or book online by clicking here.