Equine Services

Routine Equine Services during the COVID-19 pandemic


During the COVID-19 pandemic we are still offering routine equine services but have some limitations on how we can provide these services.  We are endeavoring to continue to support all our regular clients especially around reproduction during the stud season.

If you are requiring routine equine services then please call the hospital and speak to one of our veterinary staff who will be able to help.

Breeding & Reproduction


We have a genuine interest in all aspects of equine reproduction and are able to discuss breeding options and technologies to best suite your mare. There are many steps involved in breeding your mare from the selection of the stallion, all the way through to the management of the new born foal and beyond.


As the gestation time for a mare approximates 11 months, patience is also required! Where needed, we will guide you through the process and have you take an active part in the breeding of your mare. We have extensive experience in dealing with mares who have failed to get in foal and are happy to discuss your mares history with you.


We can scan your mare at our hospital or travel to you property providing there are safe facilities for you, your mare and our staff. For any queries regarding breeding then please contact one of our veterinarians.