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Pet Insurance


Pet insurance is becoming increasingly popular in Australia and we encourage our clients to take out pet insurance where appropriate.


Pet Insurance will give you peace of mind that you can provide an excellent level of care for your animal should they should they become unwell or involved in a trauma. Unfortunately veterinary care for many of the unforeseen things like snake bite and vehicle trauma can be very expensive and pet insurance can help ease the financial burden.


We do not recommend any specific insurance company but are happy to refer our clients to consumer advocacy groups such as who routinely offer comparison between companies.


Below are some links to some of the pet insurers that our clients are currently using.

You can also contact your existing insurers for home and car(eg HBF, Medibank) as many of these companies will also allow you to cover your pet if linked to another policy.

Local Dog Rules & Lost Dogs
Referral Contacts & Maps


Click here for contact details and maps to our specialist referral practices.

Local Kennels & Cattery
Margaret River Pet Retreat

(08) 9757 4066 


Bushlands Pet Retreat

(08) 9727 1347 


Marlee Country Kennels

(08) 9753 1351 

Ambergate Cat Hostel

370 Edwards Road, Ambergate WA 6280

(08) 9753 1132


Bush Fire Preparedness and Action


As many of our animals live in a rural or semi-rural environment please make sure that you have a well thought our Bush Fire Action Plan. Below are some helpful links that you may find useful:


Below are some links to some of the pet insurers that our clients are currently using.

Fauna & Wildlife Care

For advice on what to do if you find injured fauna, consider contacting the following organisations(all hours).


All Hours: 9474 9055
All Hours: 9752 5555
Regular Hours: 9781 0466
24hr Ranger: 0438 810 443
Grooming & Bath Services

Unfortunately due to ongoing operational difficulties around the COVID pandemic, as of January 2022 we are no longer offering grooming services.

Long term, we remain committed to offering grooming appointments for our regular clientele but cannot see this being possible in the intermediate future. It is likely following the end of the pandemic that we may be able to reinstate a regular grooming service and will make an announcement accordingly when that time arrives.


For our list of local groomers whom we have spoken to and are happy please click here.


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