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Our Hospital

Diagnostic Imaging


Xray and ultrasound technology allows for non-invasive imaging of your animal and aids in the diagnosis of many diseases and problems. Radiology is also used in an increasing way for surveillance for potential problems such as hip dysplasia in young dogs or for pre-purchase examinations on horses.


We offer radiology services through the use of our Agfa-NX computed radiography system which produces high quality medical quality (DICOM) images. These are readily available for review and where necessary can be sent electronically for review by specialist radiologists or surgeons.


Our patient’s images are stored securely and always available for review which can often be useful when assessing the progression of problems such as joint disease.


The portability of our Sonosite ultrasound system allows for the flexibility of use within the hospital or when needed for emergency work and equine work outside the hospital. Ultrasound is an excellent non-invasive method of visualizing internal organs and other structures.


Of special interest is the use of ultrasound in the monitoring of the equine oestrus cycle to allow for optimal insemination times to be established. It is also an essential part of the diagnosis of pregnancy in all animals.


High level imaging (CT scanning/MRI) is also commonly used in veterinary medicine nowadays and these scans can be organized for your pet where needed.



Endoscopy allows internal structures to be directly viewed with minimal impact or morbidity on our patients.


It serves as an excellent diagnostic tool in respiratory and gastrointestinal disease allowing for direct visualization of internal structures without our patients having to undergo invasive surgery.


Where appropriate it also allows for non-invasive retrieval of foreign objects such as gastric foreign bodies without surgery. We have a variety of flexible endoscopes which suite both the size of the patient and the area to be studied.



Our hospital is well equipped with the latest laboratory equipment and covering a broad range of applications including haematology, biochemistry, blood gas, urine analysis and bacterial culture.


By ensuring our equipment and training is up to date we are able to provide fast reliable in-house laboratory services which assist us greatly in providing fantastic patient care and case management.


Although we are 2½ hours from Perth we feel it is essential to be able to offer your animal same day results on all routine laboratory testing.

Anaesthesia & Critical Care


Our hospital performs multiple general anaesthetics on any one day and is staffed by well trained and experienced veterinarians and nurses who will take care of your animal before, during and after anaesthesia. We routinely anaesthetise most animals including dogs, cats, horses, birds and smaller critters through intravenous medications as well as gaseous anaesthesia.


As we are 2.5 hours from the closest major referral centre we also are experienced in providing higher level critical care where needed. With our experienced staff and state of the art monitoring and backup we are able to help stabilize and nurse complicated traumas, intoxications (including snake bite) and other disease states back to health.



Our hospital has a purpose built surgical suite with the best of modern anaesthetic and monitoring equipment and an extremely experienced surgical and nursing staff.


It is very important to us that our clients are fully informed and involved in the pre-surgery consultation where we discuss expected outcomes, goals and risks associated with surgery on your pet. We offer reassuring blood testing of many important systems including liver and kidney parameters, intravenous fluid therapy, blood pressure and cardiac monitoring during the procedure to maximise patient safety.


We perform a wide range of both routine and more advanced surgical procedures, always with a strong focus on patient safety and comfort before, during and especially after surgery when our fully trained nurses  

closely observe and comfort patients during recovery.

For complicated specialist-only surgical procedures we have a streamlined referral process to a variety of veterinary surgical specialists in the Perth region to ensure your animal receives the very best of care.

Excercise Area


We have a large fully fenced grassed exercise area at the rear of our clinic where our hospitalised patients and our dogs in for grooms are regular walked to toilet and stretch their legs.

Equine Procedures


Our hospital grounds contain an undercover area with stocks which allows for safe and effective examination of your horse. Most of our routine diagnostic imaging (x-rays and ultrasound) are performed in the hospital allowing for immediate interpretation and treatment for a variety of commonly encountered orthopaedic complaints such as synovitis, arthritis and tenosynovitis. Dr Leah King also offers an acupuncture service to our equine clientele which is routinely performed in our equine procedure area.


When floating your horse in you are welcome to park-up in our streetside carpark or drive down the side of the hospital and park in our grassed area at the rear of our hospital. This is the prefered location for loading and unloading of foals, youngsters and horses easily spooked as they can be done so from behind closed fencing.

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