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Trevor's Story...

Meet Trevor the adorable duckling. Trevor was sadly abandoned as a small duckling by his mother due to an injury on his right leg which left him struggling for life. Luckily Trevor was picked up and brought to the vets by a very kind person that came across him whilst out on their morning walk.

Once Trevor was admitted to our hospital he was examined by our vets and was found to have a major, yet not life threatening, injury to his right leg. With the right care he was given a good prognosis and was expected to make a full recovery. He was prescribed antibiotics and was to be rested and cared for until he had recovered and could be released back out into his natural environment.


Given his injury and his age we knew that this would take time and he would need intense care and lots of love along the way. Luckily for Trevor there was a very experienced family that were willing to take him on and give him the care that he demanded. Needless to say the family feel in love with Trevor immediately and before long Trevor was calling all of the shots!

After about 6 weeks into Trevor’s rehabilitation it was evident that he was making great progress with his leg and was recovering faster than expected. He completed his course of antibiotics avoiding any secondary infections, and his leg healed up to the point that he could walk and swim normally without any deficit.

At this point it was clear that Trevor had become a much loved member of the family, developing relationships with everyone on the farm.

Once Trevor had fully recovered and was given the final all clear from the vets it was time to decide where he should begin his slow release back into his natural habitat. The farm had been his home since he had been abandoned and there was no way he wanted to go anywhere else.


His new ‘featherless’ family had shown him so much love and care that it suited him just fine to stay. The family agreed to continue to care for Trevor and make it their mission to give him the best chance of integration back into his natural environment.

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