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Pet Insurance


Pet insurance is becoming increasingly popular in Australia and we encourage our clients to take out pet insurance where appropriate.


Pet Insurance will give you peace of mind that you can provide an excellent level of care for your animal should they should they become unwell or involved in a trauma. Unfortunately veterinary care for many of the unforeseen things like snake bite and vehicle trauma can be very expensive and pet insurance can help ease the financial burden.


We do not recommend any specific insurance company but are happy to refer our clients to consumer advocacy groups such as who routinely offer comparison between companies.


For most pet insurance companies (except PetPlan, RAC and XX) we are able to do electronic submissions which provide a more seamless method of submitting your claim.

We are also now signed up to provide a GapOnly service.  This means if your insurance provider is also signed up then they will perform a "live claim" which may take upto 10minutes but means that you are only required to pay us the "gap".  This can be very helpful especially when your pet has undergone an admission for surgery or medical work-up.  To find out more details or to see if your insurance provider offers this service then click on the GapOnly Logo.

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